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Monday, June 16, 2008


My photography shop Amature Capture, is being featured! Take a look and enter for your chance to win a 8x10 photograph!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A New Shop

I opened another Etsy shop a little while ago, but just now started to really add to it. (thanks to a new digital camera) It highlights my photography. Im also offering photo rendering services! Take a look!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Watch Me Create!

Since Im asked so many times how I create my art...I decided to download a program that allowed me to record my desktop while I painted. I used a photograph of myself that I took myself.

I did not however show what I use exactly, as Id like to keep what I do as unique as possible.

The film is 13 mins long. So sit back and enjoy. I hope you like it and please leave a comment here on my blog and rate it on google to let me know what you all think!

Heres better view of finished painting too: http://i55.photobucket.com/albums/g129/AeSigs/CilliPepper.jpg

I know its a bit boring at times as well. I had no idea what it was going to be till at the end. So I was studying it and thinking a few times. hehe

Oh and the program I used to record my desktop was CamStudio. Was very easy to use and its free!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Your Etsy Shop Views

Someone on the forums told me about this site. A fellow Etsyian created it! It shows views from your first 3 pages. Youll have to keep track though, to see your daily hits. When you click on the link, my shop name with appear. No biggie..just type your shop name into the box. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Im Featured!

Woohoo! Im so honored and touched to be featured on Etsy Art blog!! The blog is beautiful and has wonderful artists on it, besides myself. ;) Take a look!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Artist Spotlight: WoodyMart


Since it had been so long since I spotlighted any artists I decided to focus on two awesome artists. Here is the second one. Meet Woody Miller and see his unique and awesome art work. His art reminds me of my childhood. It has a great feel and the artistry is truly amazing.


Tell us a bit about yourself

After attending the Academy of Art in San Francisco, I've continued to pursue art in many ways. I live in a way too small apartment with my wife and two nutty cats, where I work on my art in a way too small studio, with way too much stuff in it. I am inspired by lots of artists, by music, colors, nature, crafts, hand made stuff, picture books, good stories, movies, vintage goodies, bamboo, orientalist art, and of course, monkey's. I just keep striving to create images that delight, inspire, conjure feelings, and take one away to another place or time. I also work at picture frame shop where I create frames, do wood carving, gilding and french matting.

When and how did you discover your talent

When I was little and would get in trouble, we got put on time out. We (my brother and I) had to sit at a table in the corner of our kitchen. There was paper and pencils there, so naturally this is where my art training began. At school I always had friends who wanted me to draw them things, characters, F-16 fighter jets and such. So I always gravitated towards it, plus my wonderfully talented aunt Jill (a great artist herself) always helped inspire and teach us to continue trying new things with art. Now I can't stop making stuff and learning new techniques, I just love experimenting and creating.

What inspires you

Well, other than what's listed above, some of the artists that inspire me are: Pep Montserrat, Chris Van Allsburg, D.B. Johnson, Peter Brown, Shag, Charlie Harper, Wayne Theibaud, Jean-Leon Gerome, Alma-Tadema, Wolf Kahn, and Chris Sheban. Quite a mix and match, but I like to think I pull a little bit from each and make it my own. Other than artists, I like old movies because they always have such great costumes and sets, new ones too, but a little cgi goes a long way. I just love exotic things, tropical memorabilia, "Orientalism" painting (from the 19th century), Moroccan stuff, arabic patterns and tiles, Thai silk designs, I could go on. I try to just soak up whatever I can and use colors from here, shapes from there, patterns, whatever.

What dream do you have that hasn't been fulfilled yet

Lots, but I'm still just thirty-something, so there's time! Right now I'm working on a couple children's picture books, which has been a dream of mine I think since reading Richard Scarry books as a child. I have a missionary friend in Africa who works at orphanages and I'd love to be able to find a way to use my art to help there, either to bring them funding, or maybe inspire or teach the children. Also, I'm still working on getting that Italian villa off the coast of Lake Como where I will have a huge studio...

Any advice for us fellow Etsyians

I just recently started to sell more items from the Woody Mart on Etsy, I guess my advice would be just try to get the word out, keep adding new items every so often, and keep working at finding the right price point/ size/ medium/ product that people like. Etsy is great not only for selling, but I love finding stuff to buy, it's so great to know that someone hand made something with care. Don't just put stuff up to make money, put stuff up that you love, stuff that you'd buy.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Woody and seeing some of his fabulous work! He was also cool enough to send me a picture!

Visit Woody's site at http://www.woodymillerart.com and also his blog at http://pachydermexpress.blogspot.com!

A HUGE thank you to Woody and Cindy for taking the time to talk with me and answering my questions and allowing me to feature them!

Artist Spotlight: Black Cat Graphix


I love this artist. Such emotion in each piece. Must see! She also took the time out to answer some questions.


Tell us a bit about yourself

I live in Georgia with six cats, three dogs, goldfish and an understanding husband. I have a Bachelor's degree in Photographic Design, but have never been satisfied with myself as a photographer. I taught myself Photoshop and oil painting and am finally becoming able to create the visions I see. I always have a book handy for any chance I get to read. I'm told I'm funny, but somehow it doesn't feel appropriate to be funny in my art.

When and how did you discover your talent

I was in the shower trying out a new soap - no wait, that was something else...

What inspires you

People who are obsessed with making art, regardless of their means or situation. Also, remembering my very industrious Gandma, who always had multiple craft projects going on.

What dream do you have that hasn't been fulfilled yet

Supporting my husband with my wildly successful art career.

Any advice for us fellow Etsyians

Hang in there. I haven't been on Etsy that long myself, but I notice some very successful shops have been around for over a year. Now stop reading this and get back in your studio.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Cindy and seeing some of her fabulous art! The colors and faces are amazing!