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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Watch Me Create!

Since Im asked so many times how I create my art...I decided to download a program that allowed me to record my desktop while I painted. I used a photograph of myself that I took myself.

I did not however show what I use exactly, as Id like to keep what I do as unique as possible.

The film is 13 mins long. So sit back and enjoy. I hope you like it and please leave a comment here on my blog and rate it on google to let me know what you all think!

Heres better view of finished painting too: http://i55.photobucket.com/albums/g129/AeSigs/CilliPepper.jpg

I know its a bit boring at times as well. I had no idea what it was going to be till at the end. So I was studying it and thinking a few times. hehe

Oh and the program I used to record my desktop was CamStudio. Was very easy to use and its free!


Cherished Dreams said...

Awesome work - your video really showed the act of creating really well. Keep it up

Cherished Dreams

ButterflyChicBoutique.com said...

Very cool idea. I will have to try it out, I've been meaning to do some for some basic photoshop tutorials :0)

Plaidfuzz said...

Very cool!

darla yancho said...

Just now seeing this. Great video, love your work!

Stacy Alexander said...

Very cool video!

~Stacy Alexander