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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Im Featured!

Woohoo! Im so honored and touched to be featured on Etsy Art blog!! The blog is beautiful and has wonderful artists on it, besides myself. ;) Take a look!!


rtisan said...

Many congrats on your feature. I lOve your work--very moody and flowing

Tom said...

Hi Melanie-

Thanks for joining my network at blog catalog. I hope you enjoy my blog. Very interesting blog you have here, I had never heard of ETSY but I did a little research and it sounds very interesting. I do a little painting on the side when I get sick of the computer!

Tom @ Ohio Nature

missknits said...

wow that is soooo cool! congrats!!

Tanya Pshenychny said...

Congrats on your feature. "Dirst Road" has a very nice flow to it. It's almost like silk.

Mary Richmond said...

hey--congratulations! I just found you through an Etsy forum and checked out your shop and now your blog--cool stuff and I love your spirit ;-)